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There is such beauty in simplicty.
I approach web development in the same way.

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What Makes Me Tick

I am a Coder

There is no hiding this fact. I am a Coder/Programmer/Engineer. I solve problems for people that don't like solving problems. At least problems related to applications.

Problem solving tools:
PHP, MySQL, JQuery, CodeIgniter, Netbeans, MySQL Yog, Sequel Pro, Aptana, HTML, CSS (these last two are thrown in for SEO)


I have had the great fortune of working with many people in my years as an application developer. Though not an all inclusive list, the following are my Reservoir Dogs.


K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Silly

Bigger is not always better.
Faster is not always better.
More features is not always better either.
My approach to application development invokes this same thought process.
Feature Rich shouldn't mean Intensely Complex.

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